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Internet users began circulating versions of this image, calling it the Free Speech Flag, in blog posts on dozens of websites and as user avatars on forums such as Digg.The first fifteen bytes of the 09 F9 key are contained in the RGB encoding of the five colors, with each color providing three bytes of the key.He also agreed not to "bypass, disable, or circumvent any encryption, security, or authentication mechanism." Breaching terms of the settlement is a ,000 fine per violation, according to court documents."I am not able to speak on this matter without breaching my settlement agreement. With that said, I do not like censorship, and I do not like censoring myself.Rest assured I am still fighting the good fight, in the best way I know how," Hotz said in an e-mail to This area cannot easily be dumped (you'd pretty much need a Blu-Ray drive with a hacked firmware) and of course that specific area cannot be burned on any kind of discs or with any kind of burners commercially available.

The PIC Zone (which stands for Permanent Information & Control data Zone) contains information/data related to the disc's authentication which is done by the Blu-Ray drive.

The DMCA prohibits the trafficking of so-called “circumvention devices” designed to crack copy-protection schemes.

The law does not require Sony to prove that Hotz received payment for the hack, which was designed to allow Play Station 3 owners the ability to run home-brewed software or alternative operating systems like Linux.

Note to Sony lawyers: no doubt you're eager to rack up another billable hour by sending legal threats to me and my university.

Before you go down that unhappy road, check out what happened the last time a large corporation tried to stop the mirroring of technical information here: The Gallery of CSS Descramblers.

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Sony dropped its jailbreaking lawsuit against Play Station 3 hacker George Hotz on Monday in exchange for promises the New Jersey hacker would never again tinker with the game console or any Sony product, records show.

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