Dating site success pdf

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Dating site success pdf

Practical implications – What most companies do not define as clearly are the many privacy issues and possible protection against the people they may come in contact with through using these services.The industry has to be particular careful about the legal ramifications since much of the information it gathers from its customers must remain private and confidential in order to succeed and gain a larger market share.Anecdotal evidence is on the Millennials’ side; more than half say someone in their social circle has had a relationship that started on a dating site.As online dating becomes more commonplace and accepted, young love seekers are taking to the Web more willingly than their elders.But matching up millions of members is a major technological challenge as well as an emotional one.While some sites simply let users browse for dates, many now offer some kind of system, if only to make suggestions.

Does it drive you nuts when you find a woman who you've just got to meet..never actually get the chance to?And companies in this competitive market are in hot pursuit of ways to make those suggestions more sophisticated and personalized.To do that, they are deploying machine-learning algorithms that are adapted from completely different types of online shopping.About 29% of our respondents 25-34 have dated online.This is slightly higher than the 2013 Pew Survey’s finding of 22% for this age group, suggesting that online dating may be on the rise.

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Originality/value – It is apparent that online dating services are concerned with privacy and confidentiality issues as high priority by management.