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Dating longcase clocks

All grandfather clocks are an eight day movement and are restored, unless otherwise stated.


As soon as grandfather / longcase / tallcase clocks came into being and people wanted them in their own homes, watch and clockmakers found plenty of work in their own areas.

A very fine, late 18C, brass dial, 8 day, long door, mahogany longcase clock with rare small MOONPHASE indicator to arch, set in a painted pastoral scene. A very good late 18C/early 19C flame mahogany longcase clock with pagoda top, trunk quarter columns, 8 day MOONPHASE movement ( showing High Water at London Bridge ) and typical "London" two step plinth to base by Tanner of London - a seemingly unrecorded maker. A very good, very typically "Bristol," superior quality, string inlaid, mahogany, longcase clock with swan neck pediment by John Warry of Bristol circa 1815. A very good, very typically 'Lancashire' long door richly patinated, flame mahogony longcase clock with swan neck pediment, circa 1770.

Longcase clocks generally have a 'seconds' (or Royal) pendulum - that is to say the pendulum (around 39 inches to the centre of the bob) takes exactly one second to swing in each direction.

Often 8-day clocks have a subsidiary seconds hand and some from around 1710 may feature automata, too, such as Old Father Time (Image 1) or a ship that rocks back and forth.

A late 18C, classic "London," long door, flame magogany, brass dial, longcase clock of smaller than normal size with rare "whole arch" man o'war rocking ship AUTOMATON. Exceptional 8 day, 3 train movement playing music on 10 bells and 18 hammers at 4 o'clock, 8 o'clock, and 12 o'clock hourly ( rack ) striking on a further, larger bell. There are two John Warry of Bristol clockmakers recorded, father and son. A very good, unusually small, long door, flame mahogany longcase clock with breakarch top, brass insert quarter columns to trunk, breakarch brass dial, strike/silent facility and high quality, 8 day, 5 pillar movement. Very fine, fan inlaid, flame mahogany case with breakarchtop, red 'silk' backed side frets, Corinthian capitals to brass insert hood columns and to the matching trunk quarter columns, Fan inlays below throat moulding and to four corners of base. Charles Howse was Master of the Clockmakers Company in 1787.

A typically late 18C, high class "London" flame mahogany, 8 day, brass dial, longcase clock with relatively rare rocking ship man o'war AUTOMATON "The Royal George" to circular aperture in arch. Typical "Whitehaven" Chippendale influenced, long door, high quality mahogany case with swan neck pediment, distinctive "returns" under the swan neck terminations, 13" breakarch brass dial with MOONPHASES to arch and 8 day movement. Adam & Eve AUTOMATA to arch of brass dial - two arms moving snake curling around the tree of life. A small, neat, pretty, long door, typically "Jersey," 8 day, painted dial, mahogany longcase clock with MOONPHASES, dated October 7th 1806. JA very fine, typically "Edinburgh," marquetry inlaid mahogany longcase clock with silvered and engraved brass dial having MOONPHASES and High Water at Leith indicator to arch by John Robertson of Potterrow Port, Edinburgh circa 1785.

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have had dealings with every type of grandfather clock imaginable in my 30 years in the industry - including, of course, antique grandfather clocks ("longcase" or "tallcase" clocks).

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