Clitoromegaly dating

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Clitoromegaly dating

Rapid increase was noticed during the last 3 months.

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In 5 patients, the clitoroplasty was done along with labioplasty and vaginal introitus exteriorization.

However, in 1 patient, the vaginal confluence into urogenital sinus was high and hence only clitoral reduction as well as labioplasty was done and the urogenital sinus opening was left as such.

The maximum follow-up is up to 6 years with good result.

Conclusion: The reduction clitoroplasty by present approach of 8 and 4 o'clock incision into the Buck's fascia is a good option for clitoral girth and length reduction as it preserves approximately two-third of Buck's fascia with intact neuromuscular bundle and glans.

Haemangioma is the most common benign neoplasm of infantile age.

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