Backdating training contract

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Backdating training contract

Does being a Maximum Part Time Consultant Clinical Academic for a number of years affect the way in which seniority is calculated? No, the fact that this was employment as a MPT Consultant Clinical Academic consultant does not affect the method of calculation. You may choose to delay your date of entry to the new contract to obtain an additional year of seniority.

In August 2007 he successfully applied for a position at NTA flying a Beechcraft 350 air ambulance, based in Prince George, British Columbia.

advertisement A key issue that alarmed the agency during its August 2014 inspections was the integrity of the data Sandoz was collecting.

In one plant, which makes finished dosages, Excel spreadsheets were used to record discrepancies and certain quality data.

I am still confused about backdating and seniority. If you are eligible to receive backdated pay, then the effective date of commencement of the contract is the date you have chosen for backdating.

When you calculate your seniority you calculate it at the date that is the effective date of commencement of your contract.

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The disclosure comes amid ongoing FDA scrutiny of overseas manufacturing plants, particularly in India, where a string of drug makers has failed inspections and had products banned from the US.

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